April Vino & Voce: Legally Dirty Blonde

April Vino & Voce: Legally Dirty Blonde

Legally Dirty Blonde is a cabaret based around the friendship of Danielle Smith and Christie Duffer. When these two get together, it’s a party no matter where they are. They get excited about pretty much anything, they’re always laughing, and they know they will always be there for each other. (*Awwwwww*). So sit back, TURN UP with some Vino, and get legal, dirty, or blonde with us. 🙂


From Christie to Danielle: This Cupcake will always endure Halloween Horror Nights for her Butternut. ♥

From Danielle to Christie: This Butternut will always save a spot on her couch for her Cupcake. ♥

Tickets are $15.00 and available HERE. Doors at 7:00 PM and show at 8:00 PM.

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